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Gaamatech is a professional IT-related company. Like our slogan, "Output Delivered", we ensure to provide optimal solutions without compromising on the quality. Our expertise are covering numerous areas such as Web Applications, Custom CRM Applications, Mobile Applications and Social media marketing. As your Information Technology partner, we help you automate your business by providing custom IT services that save you money, improve performance, and work more efficiently. We define the solution by starting with your business needs. Gaamatech take business-oriented approach to provide solutions, using technology as a means to solving a problem rather than pushing a predefined tool. In order to create viable, modern and effective system, We keep our focus on problems that the client would want to avoid as well as the goals that needs to be achieved. With so much to offer, we invite you to look through as there is nothing but quality on show and on promise from Gaamatech.

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Mobile Development

We at Gaamatech build innovative applications for start-ups and enterprises alike. We provide with highly polished native applications for Android and Cross-platform applications for Android, iOS and Windows. We also deal with hybrid applications. We are highly encouraged to work from Client's scope elaboration to their approval to provide them with the best there exists. more...

Web Development

We offer to create websites on PHP, WordPress, Magento, React, ASP.Net, Angular, Laravel and .NET MVC. These websites do not only amaze on the engaging designs but also conveys all parts of functionality with the most smooth of structures.more...

UI/UX Design

We are a team of young and innovative programmers who are always thinking out of the box to provide with beautiful and engaging designs. We believe that a great user experience and interface plays an important role in the success of any product.We go to an arm's length to provide with attractive and intuitive user interface design.more...

Product develpment

We have what it takes to develop a product. We will design,build and maintain your product to allow you to focus on building your business.We're here to help you build your product idea in to a reality. We will help you avoid many of the business and technical mistakes that start-up companies make. We're armoured with the latest technology stacks in market so let us take care of all the code for you with the right technologies being used that would serve great in long run.more...

SQA & Testing

Our professional SQA team evaluates the functional, performance, usability and security of your system before producing it to production. Usability, stability and security is not an option to ever compromise on, because we know it represents your brand reputation. Gaamatech's software quality assurance (SQA) testing expertise will give you and your users peace of mind while using your business application, leaving you more time to focus on enhancements rather than usability, stability or security updates.more...

SEO & Marketing

We know you want to be on the top and it takes time, efforts, massive expense and an experienced team. We have them ready for you to boost your business and show it to the outside world. Not only it is necessary for brand awareness but bringing more customers and your website to the highest rankings. We have been working with various businesses who are more than happy with our services and we'd love have you on board to help you with the marketing and SEO.more...

How we work


You need subject matter experts (SMEs) to plan out the scope of the project. Our in-house SMEs having years of experience in IT industry will do it for you right according to your needs. Let us take care and plan things out for you.more...


We don't design but craft.. your product is crafted from the requirement specifications which were collected by our SMEs. We transform your idea to a real working system by defining the overall in defining overall system architecture.more...


We break all of it in to modules/units and actually start coding. We follow the famous scrum methodology so you're aware of your product's status after every sprint that's either weekly or biweekly.We don't want you to wait for it for long because we know you're excited for it.more...


Once we're done coding your product, it is tested against the requirements to make sure that your product is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered.Our expert SQA team take care of the functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done as well as non-functional testing.more...


Here we are.. the most awaited part!! We're ready to deliver the product when the development and testing is finished and of course when you're happy with it's value.more...


Blood Hero
  • July 20, 2018

Blood Hero is an innovative approach to address global health and blood donation issues in areas where finding blood in time of need is difficult. The ultimate goal of this project is to provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-access, efficient, and reliable way to get life-saving blood, free of cost.

Event Management
  • Client: IBA
  • Sept 19, 2019

A national tech event where thousands of people participate. In order for the management to manage these people and serve them accordingly, Gaamatech create an event management system to automate the process of regisrtation, verification and seating arrangment for each competition .

Eye Cam

Eye Cam makes it possible to view and controll your webcams from anywhere on your phone. Quickly flip between up to hundreds of cameras, and see them all at a glance. Eye Cam has also the functionality of face recognition to unlock the door for known people in database. If you're still using the clunky web interface to view your cameras on the go, or have already given up on it, Eye Cam is a solution to your problem.

Good luck yogi
  • Jan 25, 2019

Good luck Yogi is a platform whose mission is to raise a generation of mindful children. It teaches children using stories to breath away all the negativity, meditating and calming nature sounds so they can shine bright and be filled with energy for greater performance.

Giftie App

Giftie is a mobile application platform which creates vouchers of popular Pakistani brands instantly. Giftie can be used by customers to create a gift vouchers for their loved ones and Vendors can use Giftie to create digital gift cards and promotional vouchers

Biohaus App

Allied Platforms needed a solution to show the difference of growth between traditional and modern plant breeding methods.

Contact Champ App
  • Jan 10, 2020

A one stop solution for your social media Applications. Contact Champ lets you manage all your social media accounts at one place without having to toggle between different applications.

H2O Water App
  • Oct 28, 2019

H2O Water App helps people to keep track of daily water intake and build a healthy habit of drinking water. And to track the quantity of water they drink and remind them to drink water on the right time.

Jdistro App
  • Jan 10, 2020

Metrc is the Cannabis Tracking System (CTS) used in most States where recreational cannabis is legal (and even in some that still only offer Medical Marijuana). Metrc is built and maintained by Franwell Inc., and is only accessible to licensees, verified integrators and other authorized entities.

Houser App
  • Oct 28, 2019

H2O Water App helps people to keep track of daily water intake and build a healthy habit of drinking water. And to track the quantity of water they drink and remind them to drink water on the right time.


LeadCarrot is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. Built keeping marketing agencies in mind. LeadCarrot helps in managing and converting a lead in to a potential sale with it’s advance and user friendly interface to filter among thousands of leads.The funnel feature allows users to track the pending activities in each pipeline. LeadCarrot also offers custom sales reporting tools to monitor individual and team level targets, analyze sales data and generate visual reports. LeadCarrot’s mailing system seamlessly integrates with multiple email service providers including Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo . The team and individual level permission groups lets you easily manage employees and clients without having to go through any hustle.

Leather City

The Leather City is an E-commerce website. It is a Canada-based company, which has earned and kept the distinct reputation of retailing a quality stuff and manufacturing leather products in a flawless way.

Sensible copy

As a content writing agency you’d never want to be behind in the race. Sensiblecopy.com help our client make better business packages for companies and offer them services that suit best the requirements..

Single Mommy Tribe

Being a single mom Kimberlee felt the need of a platform where she can help other Single Moms to feel the positive energy around them. In order for her to sell online and work as a content writing agency, this website was her first step towards the next big things she’s been doing all this time..

safer Family Alliance

Everyone knows they need to have an emergency plan and be prepared for disasters. Whether it’s checking the smoke detectors regularly or installing the baby’s car seat properly before leaving the hospital, there is a lot to do. Emergency preparation saves lives so let’s make those you love safer.

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